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Founding Angels help bridging the technology transfer gap between academic research and industrial applications via set up of technological-oriented start-up companies.


Dr. Peter Haug is specialized in developing start-up companies in chemistry, cleantech & biotech and pharma segments. As part of ongoing Founding Angel activities he was CEO of a Cleantech start-up company and has built up the following start-up ventures:

  • Greasoline (Cleantech)

Please see how we support founding start-up companies and technology transfer in Chemistry, Cleantech, Biotech and Pharma together with

  • Leading Researchers & Heads of Research Organizations
  • Graduates and Students interested in start-up companies
  • Technology Transfer Organizations

As partner and accredited coach of various technology transfer organizations we can also initially support start up projects. This often is an ideal solution for initial market evaluation or first discussions with potential customers within our network - in a non-binding manner for the technical founding team and the Founding Angel, giving an impression of a subsequent co-operation to all involved parties.


We are co-operating with various technology transfer offices of leading research organizations and are looking forward to your message.


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Neuer Versorgungsvertrag der TK: Liquid Biopsy spürt Keime auf

Amazon features Noscendo:Mit AWS Patientenleben retten

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Im Duisburger Hafen hat sich das Medizin-Start-up Noscendo niedergelassen, das mit seinen neuen Verfahren die Infektionsdiagnostik revolutionieren will. Mit Hilfe von smarten Algorithmen will Noscendo Erreger von Herzklappenentzündungen und Blutvergiftungen schneller, kosteneffizienter und verlässlicher nachweisen.

Noscendo closes Financing Round for CE Certification and Market Entry Preparation of Platform Diagnostics for Bloodstream Associated Infections


The diagnostic procedures developed by Noscendo help intensive care clinicians to identify the relevant pathogens in bloodstream associated infections. Munich-based family office Wieland Capital, HTGF and three business angels with in-depth knowledge of the diagnostics industry are jointly investing a seven-digit sum of Euros into Noscendo GmbH. These funds will enable Noscendo to receive approval for its medical device and prepare for the market entry of Noscendo’s proprietary diagnostic platform.





... Financial resources from the investment round will be utilized for CE certification of Noscendo’s diagnostic platform as a medical device (“Software as a Medical Device”) and preparation for market entry. “Together with innovative intensive care clinicians and sophisticated partners, we will introduce our diagnostic services as a mail-in business as well as on-site in selected hospital laboratories,” Dr. Peter Haug, CEO and Head of Business Development, explains the next steps towards market entry.


“The excellent feedback from clinical directors and the huge experience of the team and the business angels provide ideal conditions for Noscendo to set a new standard in the pathogen detection of life-threatening blood stream infections”, Dr. Fabian Mohr summarizes HTGF’s viewpoint.


Further Information:

Read the full press release of Noscendo here:
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Oncgnostics GmbH retains Biotech Alliances International Inc. to support global partnering and distribution strategy.

Cervical cancer is still a significant problem for patients and health care systems.

Poor diagnostics leads to unnecessarily long and intensive patient management resulting in medical complications, psychological burden and high costs“, said Dr. Alfred Hansel, CEO Oncgnostics.”
— Dr. Alfred Hansel, CEO Oncgnostics

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 2, 2018 / -- Biotech Alliances International Inc., a Silicon Valley-based healthcare-focused investment bank, announced today that it will serve as the lead investment banker to Oncgnostics globalisation and partnering strategy.

Early detection of cervical cancer is critical for patients health and survival. Current diagnostic methods are inefficient and fail to detect 50% of the cases of cervical cancer. Failure in precision detection of cervical carcinoma leads to unsuccessful as well as unnecessary treatments. Therefore cervical cancer still is a significant problem for patients and health care systems.

Oncgnostics GmbH, a Jena/Germany based company, has developed GynTect® for precision detection of cervical cancer. GynTect® was tested and validated in clinical trials on more than 3000 samples with a remarkable detection score of 100% in all cervical cancer cases. Moreover, GynTect® identifies all relevant pre-cancerous lesions due to its first-of-a-kind prognostic value.

“Our product GynTect® can eliminate unsuccessful as well as unnecessary treatments in the current screening systems. Poor diagnostics leads to unnecessarily long and intensive patient management resulting in medical complications, psychological burden and high costs“, said Dr. Alfred Hansel, Oncgnostics Chief Executive Officer. By overcoming these severe limitations, GynTect® generates significant economic benefits for national health systems, savings e.g. for the German health care system are estimated at $300m p.a.

“We are very impressed with Oncgnostics precision diagnostics which can provide superior outcomes for patients by avoiding unnecessary surgery and increase patients survival rates” said Dr. Franck Brinkhaus, CEO of Biotech Alliances International: „We are very proud to welcome Oncgnostics to our growing group of European clients and are looking forward to working with the entire Oncgnostics team on this assignment.“

About Oncgnostics GmbH

Oncgnostics GmbH, founded in early 2012 as a spin-off from the Jena University women’s hospital, is a molecular diagnostics company specializing in cancer diagnostics. Oncgnostics tests target epigenetic changes, so-called DNA methylations, that typically occur in cancer cells. The patented biomarkers, which are evaluated using a specific algorithm, are the core of the products and provide the basis for the company’s activities.

About Biotech Alliances International Inc.

Biotech Alliances International Inc. is a San Francisco-based investment bank serving life sciences companies, private equity and venture capital funds. It provides independent financial and strategic advice including corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, partnering & licensing, deal sourcing and strategic consulting.

Dr. Franck Brinkhaus
Biotech Alliances International Inc.
(1) 650 868 8511
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oncgnostics amongst Top Startups Germany 2017


Jena, Jan 31, 2018: Nach umfangreicher Analyse von 176 Wettbewerben und 752 dort prämierten Start-ups sowie einer Umfrage steht nun das Ergebnis fest: oncgnostics gehört zu den Top 50 Start-ups des Jahres 2017


Für Gründer Top Startups 2018

oncgnostics successfully completes Record-Financing for cancer test GynTect

Jena, Jan 8, 2018: Krebstest erhält Finanzierung in Rekordtempo: Life Science Unternehmen oncgnostics erreicht mit Rekord-Crowdinvesting das Fundingziel von 750.000 Euro in nur 21 Tagen


Transkript: oncgnostics wiederholt Crowdfundingerfolg


bm-t beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen: oncgnostics erreicht vorzeitig 750.000€ Fundinglimit auf Seedmatch



Oncgnostics starts cooperation with Myriam von M and second crowdfunding on Seedmatch; wins €20k Innovation Price Thuringia 2017


Jena, Nov 28, 2017: Oncgnostics announced today a second crowdfunding round on Seedmatch, with a funding target of €750k plus additional co-investment by bm-t, to be started on Dec 7, 2017.

Further Information on Seedmatch




Cancer activist Myriam von M is supporting oncgnostics. She became famous in Germany by her campaign ‚Fuck Cancer‘. After getting hurt by vulva cancer and cervical cancer she is strongly supporting education, information and prevention of cancer and related risks. Myriam is reaching several million people each week via Facebook.


Further Information on Myriam-von-M


Last week, oncgnostics has won Thuringia Innovation Price 2017 with prize money amounting to €20.000 for GynTect® 2.0 in the life sciences & light cluster.  Further Information on Innovation Price Thuringia


Seedmatch Video:




Myriam von M Facebook:                                                                                                                                Innovation Price Thuringia 2017:

oncgnostics ist Gewinner des IQ Innovationspreises 2017


Dr. Peter Haug und Kristin Eichelkraut präsentieren GynTect 2.0 vor mehr als 20 Juroren. oncgnostics erhält ein Preisgeld von 7.500€ für seinen molekularbiologischer Test GynTect, der die Früherkennung von Gebärmutterhalskrebs revolutioniert. 


Weitere Informationen siehe Preisträgerprofil IQ Innovationspreis


GynTect soon available in China: oncgnostics grants exclusive license for to Chinese SINOPHARM subsidiary CJMT – approval for the Chinese market planned


Jena, April 5th, 2017: The Chinese pharma company Changchun Jienuo Medical Technology (CJMT), a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned SINOPHARM Group (, has purchased an exclusive license from oncgnostics ( for marketing GynTect® in China, Hongkong and Macao. The contract comprising four milestones rules the approval of GynTect® at the Chinese Food and Drug Agency (CFDA) within the coming three years. Oncgnostics will receive upfront and milestone payments as well as royalties on future revenues.



Picture: Dr. Xia Xiaokai, chairman of CJMT and Dr. Alfred Hansel, chairman of oncgnostics GmbH. In the background: Xiaoming Yang, chairman of CNBG, Shengyi Shi, Vice President SINOPHARM, Jianxin Guo, chairman of SINOPHARM, Wolfgang Tiefensee, Thuringia's Minister for Economics, Dr. Michael Brandkamp,

chairman of High-Tech-Gründerfonds and Dr. Peter Haug, Head of Business Development & Licensing oncgnostics (right)


Further Information


TV Report MDR Thüringen: on request


oncgnostics grants exclusive license for GynTect to the Chinese SINOPHARM subsidiary CJMT – English Press Release
GynTect soon available in China: oncgnostics grants exclusive license for GynTect to the Chinese SINOPHARM subsidiary CJMT – approval for the Chinese market planned
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GenomeWeb - 360Dx Article
Oncgnostics Licenses Epigenetics-Based C
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Oncgnostics Garners €1M to Support Clinical
Trials of Epigenetic Cervical Cancer Test


 NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – German start-up Oncgnostics recently raised €1 million ($1.1 million) to support clinical trials of an epigenetic assay called GynTect test for assessing cervical cancer risk.



The Jena-based firm raised €500,000 of the money via a crowdfunding mechanism called Seedmatch, with VC group and current investor, Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen (BM-T) providing matching funds. Seedmatch is similar to Kickstarter, but only hosts a handful of projects at a time, primarily focused on technology and medicine. Oncgnostics acheived its €500,000 crowdfunding target about a week ahead of schedule and within
the allotted 60 days.


GenomeWeb Article on oncgnostics, Oct 3, 2016
Oncgnostics Garners €1M to Support Clini
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oncgnostics startet Crowdinvesting-Kampagne auf Seedmatch



Schnelle, sichere und aussagekräftige Ergebnisse für Frauenärzte und Patientinnen:

oncgnostics ermöglicht Kleinanlegern Beteiligung am Erfolg des Gebärmutterhalskrebs-Abklärungstest GynTect - Ex-Olympiasiegerin Andrea Henkel unterstützt die Mission des Biotech-Unternehmens


Jena, 01. August 2016 – Die oncgnostics GmbH startet am Donnerstag, den 4. August 2016 eine Crowdinvesting-Kampagne auf Seedmatch, der führenden Plattform für Schwarmfinanzierung in Deutschland. Kleinanleger und Privatinvestoren haben dabei die Gelegenheit, sich am Unternehmenserfolg zu beteiligen. Damit will das Jenaer Biotech-Unternehmen weitere Investitionen für Entwicklung, Internationalisierung und Vertrieb ermöglichen sowie die Aufklärung über Gebärmutterhalskrebs, Früherkennung und Untersuchungsmethoden vorantreiben.


Eine Besonderheit besteht in der geplanten Co-Finanzierung durch die Venture-Capital-Gesellschaft bm|t (bm|t Beteiligungsmangement Thüringen GmbH). Über ihren „StartUp-Fonds“ will die bm|t bis hin zur gleichen Summe investieren, die durch Crowdfunding eingeworben wird. Maximal sind somit zusätzlich 500.000 Euro möglich.


Als Markenbotschafterin und prominente Unterstützerin konnte zudem die mehrmalige Biathlon-Weltmeisterin und Goldmedaillen-Gewinnerin Andrea Henkel gewonnen werden.


Die Kampagne läuft ab dem 4. August 60 Tage auf


Warnhinweis: Der Erwerb dieser Vermögensanlage ist mit erheblichen Risiken verbunden und kann zum vollständigen Verlust des eingesetzten Vermögens führen. Der in Aussicht gestellte Ertrag ist nicht gewährleistet und kann auch niedriger ausfallen.



vonLanthen Group Annual Connected Health Devices Summit


Berlin, April 21 - 22, 2016


Peter Haug, Head of Business Development & Licensing of oncgnostics GmbH:


"Innovative MDx for Early and Reliable Detection of Cervical Cancer"


40min Case Study Presentation and Panel Discussion


Conference Brochure Annual Connected Health Devices Summit
160421 Berlin HD PRINT.pdf
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March 16, 2016:


Career Talks BIGS Neuroscience Bonn

International representatives from different fields:

Academic Teaching: Geert Ramakers – Utrecht University
Pharmaceutical Industry: Isabelle Niespodziany – UCB Pharma S.A.
Government: Marlies Dorlöchter – DLR Project Management Agency – Health Research
Start-ups: Peter Haug – Founding Angels
Scientific Journalism & Filmmaking: Pia Grzesiak – Grzesiak Films


Further Details



December 2015:


Molecular diagnostics company oncgnostics GmbH wins Life Sciences Award at European Venture Summit 2015 in Düsseldorf


Award Winners E-Unlimited Homepage














Life Sciences Award Winners 2015, left: Peter Haug, Head of Business Development & Licensing oncgnostics GmbH


E-Unlimited Press Release European Venture Summit 2015 Award Winners
PR EVS Award Winners.pdf
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September 2015:


Molecular diagnostics company oncgnostics GmbH submitted CE-IVD marking for its early and reliable cervical cancer test GynTect®


GynTect German Press Release

GynTect English Press Release
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Business Coaching Science4Life July 2015 (Sulfotools,start: 0:58min):

January 2015:


Molecular diagnostics company oncgnostics GmbH closes Series A financing round for CE mark and market entry of its cervical cancer diagnostics test GynTect®


Press Release HTGF


German Press Release


Portfolio of Lead-Investor bm-t

November 2014:

CyberChampions Awards - 300Microns wins INIT Innovation Price, endowed with 5,000 €



Video ( Link ):